Powering & Charging
Ever since human civilization enter the electrical age,
powering and charging has penetrated every corner of
human society and has become a necessary part of our life.

Charging Adapter

Various charging adapter are imperceptibly changing people's habits.
From table to the vehicle,
From plugging wire to casually placement.



Portable, universal, multiple function.
Plug and charge. Never too much power.



A quality cable is a super highway between devices.
Do not choose a country road, let's go wild!


Service and supply
for overseas
distributors & wholesalers
Focus on trendy
portable, practical, performance,
digital accessories.
The profession team with decades experience
and innovation.
Service upgrade while product innovation.
Provide better Products.

RENYADA TECHNOLOGY make effort to create a truly mobile life. By using the creative portable products, there is nothing hold you back from realize your dream. You can go where you want to go, do what you want to do.

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